Head Boy's Message

Headboy Message

“No one can whistle a Symphony it takes whole orchestra to play it”
In this metaphorical words explain best the vitality and potential of teamwork in reaching the milestones expected of an institution

I Vaibhav Vaskale would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Almighty, the school management, our principal Sr. Shanti and the Teachers for giving me the opportunity to be the school captain of Nirmala convent school.

today whatever I am or rather wherever I stand, I dedicate my success journey to my teachers. Nirmala convent school is not just a school it is an emotion to each one of us. This year will be my last tribute to this institution. which is a matter of pride for us. As we all know that school is the second home of the young minds where they spend few hours daily with their fellows and learn under the guidance of the teachers. it’s our parents dream that a children have access to best quality education for the personal and professional growth. Believe me Nirmala convent school is perfect place where the holistic development of each and every child is personally looked into as I embark on leadership I am driving by a shared vision one of integrity unity and resilience. Challenges may hinder our progress we will rise fueled passion and unwavering belief. we will face storms with courage embracing the lessons emerging stronger. together we will forge a legacy of the collaboration , compassion and excellence. we will empower every student to surpass their limitation and strive for greatness. in our realm diversity is celebrated voices are heard and inclusivity thrives.

As a head boy I would like to thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of head boy. I assure you that I along with the entire student council, will work tirelessly to make this year one of the best year.

-Vaibhav Vaskale
Head Boy

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