Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulation

  1. The school reserves the right to admit the pupil to a class suited to his/her level. Admission is finalized strictly on merit after interaction/test as per the decision of the management from time to time and payment of the prescribed fees. The child seeking admission should be introduced by the parents or guardians who shall remain responsible for the fees, regular attendance and good conduct. They must, moreover, come provided with the following:-
  2. A Date of Birth Certificate clearly showing the name of the child from the Municipal Corporation for admission in Kindergarten is mandatory. Photocopy of the same is to be submitted along with the registration form.
  3. A child coming from an affiliated / recognized school should procedure the Transfer Certificate and Result Card. The Transfer Certificate should be counter signed by the competent authority of the respective Board. The admission will not be deemed complete and valid till all necessary documents are submitted and verified by the school authorities.
  4. In Case of Catholic/Christian, Baptism Certificate and a letter of introduction by the Parish Priest/Pastor are mandatory.
  5. SC/ST/OBC Certificate (if applicable) to be submitted.
  6. As a rule, no student less than three years (as on 1st of April) is admitted in Kindergarten. This limit increases by one year for each successive class. No change of Date of birth is entertained.
  7. The child will be examined in the matter of the class previous to the one he/she seeks admission.
  8. On no account, admission can be demanded by any other right. It is entirely left to the policy and discretion of the principal.
  9. Admission obtained by submitted false document, date of birth, address proof etc. will be cancelled even at a later stage.
  10. The principal reserves the right to allot re-allots the section of your ward as and when found necessary. The decision of the principal will be final and binding.
  11. No recommendation will be entertained as it results cancellation of the application itself.
  12. All the documents required for admission becomes the property of the school and are not returnable on any account. Hence, the original date of birth certificate or in exceptional cases photocopies of the entire certificate [viz. Date of Birth] duly attested by a competent authority should be submitted along with an affidavit.
  13. Parents are expected to sign the progress report, remarks by the teachers sent to them through the school dairy.
  14. Irregular attendance, habitual inattention to school work obscenity in work or act, in subordination to school authorities , transgressions of the rules given in this diary, cheating or any behavior considered by the principal not suitable to the good tone and general good of the school are sufficient reasons for fine , suspension or even dismissal.
  15. Damage done by the student to school property will have to be made good by him/her. Classrooms should be kept tidy and attractive. Scribbling on furniture or on walls is strictly forbidden.
  16. The class monitors and prefects should ensure that lights and fans are switched off when leaving the classrooms. Bins must be used appropriately for waste paper etc.
  17. The transition between teacher leaving the class and the other arriving is not the time for idle talk or creating disturbance. Await the teacher’s arrival in silence and standup and wish when he/she enters the class room, and a prayer is to be devoutly recited by all at the beginning and at the end of each period.
  18. Students should procure their books within a week of the declaration of results. All students should have a copy of the school diary making therein proper entries and bringing it to school every day.
  19. Students should be clean and tidy in their person and dress, take pride in their personal appearance, and maintain proper body cleanliness respectful and obliging to their elders and companions. In the classrooms, besides paying attention to cleanliness and personal bearing, they should create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to serious study.
  20. During class time, no students may leave the school premises without the principal’s permission. Students may leave the classroom only with teacher’s permission.
  21. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones, cameras, i-pods, music system, video games, cds, whitener, marker etc. to school.
  22. Celebration of birthday parties in school is not permitted.
  23. Ensure that your son/daughter does not carry any sharpor pointed things such as pins, nails, matches, firecrackers to the school.
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